Saint-Saëns: Le Carnaval des Animaux; a.o.

Saint-Saëns: Le Carnaval des Animaux; a.o.

Media Type: VINYL x2
Performer: Martha Argerich, Nelson Freire, Gidon Kremer, Isabelle van Keulen, Tabear Zimmermann, Mischa Maisky, Elena Bashkova
Label: Analogphonic

+ Description

● From the original masters of Universal Music ● Audiophile analogue mastering by Hans-Jörg Mauksch at Pauler Acoustics. /DMM ● Special 2 records version for enhanced sound reproduction. ● 180g audiophile virgin vinyl pressed by Pallas GmbH in Germany RECORDING INFORMATION Recorded : Munich, 4/1985 («Carnaval»), 4/1981 («Ferdinand», »Tier-Gebete«), Wien, 1/1987 (“Little Sad Sound”) Artists and repertoire producer: Rupert Fäustle / Recording producer and balance engineer: Wil-helm Hellweg / Recording engineers: Roger de Schot, Onno Scholtze / Tape editors: Roger de Schot, Willem van Leeuwen Everything is clear. Rhythms spring. Individuals get to leave their cherry bombs on the doorstep or to sing beauti-fully. Argerich and Freire, for example, outrageously mug up "Pianistes," rhythmically pulling the pianos ever more wildly out of sync, and then bringing them back together with a bang at the "coda." Irena Grafenauer's flute chirps merrily in "Volieres." Eduard Brunner on clarinet emits the cuckoo's cry from the middle of the deep woods. I've rarely heard it sound so lonely. Overall, the performance blends extremely high musicianship with kiddie rough-house. -

+ Tracks

Side 1
Le Carnaval Des Animaux / Camillie Saint-Saëns
Side 2
Ferdinand (For Speaker And Solo Violin) / Alan Ridout
Side 3
Tier-Gebete = Animal's Prayers (For Speaker And Piano) / Frieder Meschwitz
Side 4
Little Sad Sound / Alan Ridout

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