Glenn Gould: The Bach Keyboard Concertos

Glenn Gould: The Bach Keyboard Concertos

Media Type: VINYL x3
Performer: Glenn Gould, the Columbia Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Golschmann and Leonard Bernstein
Label: Columbia

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"The Bach Keyboard Concertos" J. S. Bach: Keyboard Concertos Nos. 1-5 and 7 / L. v. Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 1 The attempts that have been made to describe Glenn Gould’s complex personality are endless in number, as are his surprising and often eccentric interpretations. Whether he is considered to be a sensitive maniac, neurotic individualist or uncompromising genius – Gould polarises, provokes and fascinates us long after his death in 1982. As early as 1964 the Canadian pianist ceased to give concerts, since he found appearing before an audience completely unacceptable and preferred to concentrate on studio recordings. Way in front of composers of the Viennese Classical era, which he did not take particularly seriously – although his performances keenly reflect Beethoven’s rhythmicity – comes his personal deity: Bach. Gould’s notorious strictness gives form to the minutest of figure in the score. He weaves his way through Bach’s music and thereby articulates its tightly knit and multi-facetted depths. No lecturing keyboard proponent this, but a creative co-composer who imbues the spirit of the music with life and sonority. Upon the release in 1980 of the 80th Birthday Edition with its wealth of visual and tonal material, the music journalist Werner Theurich wrote that »no one had ever played more raptly, or more intensively. That Gould’s performances are nothing but heavenly can be seen and felt. The rest is pure music.« This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head. More information under All royalties and mechanical rights have been paid. Recording: April 1957, April / May / July 1958, May 1967 and February 1969 at Columbia's 30th Street Studio, New York City, by Fred Plaut Production: Andrew Kazdin and Howard H. Scott

+ Tracks

Side A
A1 Allegro
A2 Adagio
A3 Allegro

Side B
B1 Allegro
B2 Siciliano
B3 Allegro

Side C
C1 Allegro
C2 Adagio E Piano Sempre
C3 Allegro

Side D
D1 Allegro
D2 Larghetto
D3 Allegro Ma Non Tanto
D4 Allegro
D5 Largo
D6 Presto

Side E
E1 Allegro Con Brio
E2 Largo

Side F
F1 Rondo (Allegro Scherzando)
F2 Allegro
F3 Andante
F4 Allegro Assai

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