Sekou - Sekou Bunch (TAPE)

Sekou - Sekou Bunch (TAPE)

Media Type: TAPE x1
Performer: Sekou - Sekou Bunch (TAPE)
Genre: JAZZ
Label: fone

+ Description

[analog master tape] Sekou - Sekou Bunch  Signoricci Master / Unique piece / Pure Analogue Recording / Original Analog Master Tape / 38cm/sec 1/4 inch / Ampex ATR 102 Nagra 4s

+ Tracks

Violin, Karen Briggs 2,5Saxophone, Jim Oppenheim 2,5Piano, Nick Smith 2,5 Tom MacMorran 1,3,4Guitar, Doc Powell 1,3,4Drums, Rayford Griffin 1,3,4,5Percussion, Bill Summers 1,2,3,4Fretless Bass, Keith Jones 1,2,3,4Tenor Bass, Sekou Bunch 1,2,3,4Bass, Sekou Bunch 5

Catano - S. BUNCH, M. BAMBINO 4.45Pastels - S. BUNCH 6.28Night On The Town - S. BUNCH 5.34As A Matter Of Fact - S.BUNCH 6.45What? Mr. Bunch - S. BUNCH 5.19

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